About us

EP Intermodal a.s. is a wholly owned subsidiary of EP Logistics International, a.s., which is part of the Energy and Industrial Holding Groupeph

The main objective of the company is to analyze the current situation of the transport system in Europe and to focus on combined transport according to the partners' requirements. The company creates independent and flexible service through the knowledge and long-term experience in the area of development and sustainability of the intermodal transport network.

Intermodal transport is the transport of goods in one and the same transport unit of a combined transport (ISO container, semi-trailer or swap body), which gradually uses different modes of transport without handling the goods themselves. The benefits of intermodal transport include, in particular, lower environmental impact, stable and reliable transport, the long-term sustainability of rail transport, no waiting in traffic and no lack of drivers.


A key element of the logistics portfolio of EP Logistics International a.s. is also the German railway company Locon Logistik & Consulting AG, which also focuses on intermodal rail transport. It carries out transportation throughout Germany, from the German ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven. The company operates its own intermodal transport terminal in Pinnow.